KiwiHerb Children’s Cough & Chest Syrup 100mL

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Delicious tasting syrup with certified organic medicinal herbs. Contains: Mullein, Hyssop, Thyme and Marshmallow root – herbs with a long history of traditional use for supporting respiratory health and cough relief.
Naturopathically formulated specifically for 3-12 years old children.

Free from: artificial colours, flavours, sweeteners or preservatives, gluten, yeast or dairy derivatives.

Naturally sweetened with Manuka Honey.

Dosage & warnings

Children 2-3 years: 2-4 mL, 2-5 times daily. Children 3-6 years: 4-6 mL, 2-5 times daily. Children 7-12 years: 6-8 mL, 2-5 times daily May be taken straight, in 30 mL water or juice.

Not suitable for infants under the age of 12 months.


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