As part of my comprehensive case-taking process I have developed a brief health survey that new clients undertake prior to their consultation.  Called YourClientHx, it identifies any number of “illness events” throughout a client’s life that may have contributed to their declining health status and current symptoms.

Events such as trauma, hospitalisations, viral illness, food poisoning, overseas travel, antibiotic use, childbirth etc., all affect our health long term – especially if not resolved properly at the time.  By addressing past possible causation I am able to more effectively develop a treatment strategy that will be effective and long term.

The great thing about YourClientHx is your answers convert to a graph – clearly showing your illness events – either on their own or as clusters – which you can take home with you to include with your other health information.

Example of graph

Based on the premise that we should, ideally be at optimal health at birth, the graph shows the decline as more “illness events” occur.


Please contact me if you are interested in doing a Health Connect questionnaire.