I offer a range of ways we can connect in order to discuss your health and develop a wellness plan for you:

In-Clinic Consultations

Initial/Full Consultation (Generally for ongoing or chronic conditions)  90 Minutes –  $115

Initial/Short Consultation (Generally for children or acute conditions) 45 Minutes – $80

Follow up Consultation (if you have had an initial consultation within previous 12 months) 45 Minutes – $70


Skype Consultations – Please click on icon

Between consultation contact

Follow up calls – one call (under five minutes) is included in your fee.  Subsequent calls will be charged at $10 per five minutes.

Emails:  I will generally send out a follow up email with additional information or simply to see how you are.  Additional emails that require response to questions or advice will be charged at $5 each and added to subsequent consultation invoices.

Text Messages:  Once a text message becomes a conversation (over five responses), this will be charged at $5 for the conversation.

Pathology Analysis

Often we don’t understand or have our test results fully explained.  Likewise, even though some results may be “in range” they may well be at the high or low end of the “range”.  When there are several of these, they could – collectively – provide a reason as to why you may be encountering the symptoms you are.  Whilst my consultations will address and analyze pathology results, if you are just wanting an analysis and report/explanation, I can do this for you.   Fee:  $50

Email via the contact form on this site or call me to discuss.  If you are able to scan me the results I can get started.  Email to:

Supplement Review

Perhaps you haven’t been to a Naturopath for a long time and you are still taking the same supplements prescribed, or you have been buying off the shelf supplements – some of these may be no longer necessary, or worsem you may be taking potentially toxic levels of certain nutrients.  Let me review the brands and analyze the nutrient levels.  Included is an explanation of what benefits the key nutrients/supplements offer summarised in a report of recommendations.  Fee: $50

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Dietary Analysis and Planning

You may not have anything in particular “wrong” with you, however you would just like to tweak a few things in your diet to optimise your energy levels, lose some weight or perhaps help with rest and sleep.  Based on a current three day diet provided to me,  I will analyze the balance of Macro Nutrients and include a list of suggestions to help you achieve your goals.  Fee: $50

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