About Carla


Carla Hanlon B.HSc. (Naturopathy)

Carla has been in both retail and private clinical practice for the past three years applying the principles of holistic medicine to her clients. Clients have shared their in-depth health (and life) history so Carla can get to the root cause of their presenting symptoms.


In 2017 Carla designed and marketed a Client Health timeline app called ClientHealthHx.  Each of Carla’s clients completes the health timeline prior to a consultation. This tool assists Carla to identify potential lifelong contributing factors in their current health status and assists Carla in overall case taking and evaluation.  Carla then explains the timeline to each client and they retain a copy for their reference. This timeline is included as part of the client’s therapeutic strategy whereby Carla will prescribe herbal remedies, nutritional supplements, dietary and lifestyle changes and, most importantly, education.

Empowering her clients to research and understand what is going on and why, enables Carla to work collaboratively with her clients to support their well-being and facilitate improvement in their health.

“Giving clients hope is the most rewarding part of being a Naturopath – that and seeing them implement the changes and get the results of improved health and vitality”, says Carla.


Carla enrolled in a Health Science Degree after a health crisis in 2009. Herbal medicine helped restore her health and vitality with results so profound she had to learn more. She spent the next five years studying and developing the knowledge and passion she has for healing people today. Carla also has a background in media and Hotel sales, marketing and event management.

Full Bio PDF:  About Carla Hanlon

“Carla has a formidable passion for health and wellbeing and takes the necessary time and expertise for getting to the issue at hand.. I would highly recommend her services”  Susan M